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Launching in September 2024, Study Geography will revolutionise how we learn about the natural world.

Study Geography builds upon the strengths of Study Politics by providing a powerful online learning platform for A-level Geography students.

With engaging multimedia learning resources that students love on all our platforms, Study Geography will help students with the core content learning along with exam skills to maximise results.

With a unique portfolio of resources including flashcards, case studies, quizzes and more, Study Geography is the perfect companion for all A-level Geography students.

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Why should I join Study Geography?

Multimedia learning

Take advantage of our diverse learning platform, with a range of A Level Geography resources available in visual, text and audio formats.

Up-to-date learning

Our online learning platform is kept up-to-date on a regular basis, meaning you have access to the latest case studies and more.

Wraparound learning

Our resources help students both learn the content for the course, and the exam technique to master A Level Geography exams.

What's included?

With memberships starting from just £7 per month, Study Geography is truly an affordable and quality learning resource. Students get access to all of these resources: