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At Study Dog, we pride ourselves on helping students unlock their A* potential through engaging learning resources. Our family of learning platforms have a harmonious approach, with audio, visual and text-based resources available to ensure student engagement and enjoyment.

Study Politics

Our flagship learning platform, Study Politics has helped over 1,000 students unlock their A* potential, with a wide portfolio of over 200 lessons and multimedia learning resources.

Study Geography

Our upcoming geography platform will accompany AQA A Level Geography students in their studies. Fieldwork and exam technique, physical and human, Study Geography has it.

Study PE

Our upcoming learning platform for PE students, Study PE will introduce the most innovative interactive and online physical education resource. Explore what Study PE has to offer now.

Study Sociology

Study Sociology is an upcoming learning platform that will help AQA A Level Sociology students with their studies. Interactive and modern learning resources will be front and centre.